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Who is Jesh Yancey?

Jesh Yancey is a folk singer and songwriter based out of Denver, Colorado. Since moving to The Front Range, Yancey has managed to assemble one of the best Rock'n'Roll bands out there! Over the last year Jesh Yancey & The High Hopes have been working on their first release with the current lineup with the help of esteemed producer Chris Harden. Work on the album began in October 2022 in Fort Collins at Swingfingers Recording Studio where the foundation for Screaming Into The Darkness was laid. From there Chris Harden got to work in his home studio and the final touches were made. 

Screaming Into The Darkness is already some of Yancey's best work as a writer and with the help of the the Musicians that make up these Mile High Hopes the album will certainly be a turning point for the sound they're making. Teo Vanovski, a force of a Musician and one of Colorado's best, is on the drum kit keeping everyone in line. Mike Davidov is holding it down on bass these days and lending his experiences as a seasoned Musician with an ear for Rock'n'Roll. Joe Mallonee rounds out the rhythm section just right on percussion.  Ben Lacy brings his soaring virtuosity to the band on guitar and truly elevates the Music while Paul Copoulos tickles those ivories just like they need! 

Jesh Yancey & The High Hopes are truly onto something with their sound and approach to the Music they're making and they're making some of the best around. Their live shows are only getting tighter and tighter and they're being heard in bigger and better rooms all around the Mile High City. 




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