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  1. Funny Thing About God Jesh Yancey 2:51
  2. My Little Soul And Me Jesh Yancey 2:10
  3. Low Hanging Fruit Jesh Yancey 2:52
  4. Maybe It's The Drugs Jesh Yancey 2:40
  5. Rock To Roll Jesh Yancey 2:44
  6. Just Before Dawn Jesh Yancey 2:22
  7. Another Day Jesh Yancey 3:39


Welcome to

Welcome, friends. We’re happy to announce the launch of and the release of Jesh’s new EP, “Look At Us Now”. Visit

"Alabama folkie Yancey follows the path of political and social commentary through songs. Not shy about his stance on the world, Look at Us Now lets the listener tap into Yancey’s perspective and ask some profound questions. If you prefer folk songs that lean heavily on substance, this seven-song EP deserves a spin."

Nikki Hedrick, Beachcomber Magazine, Destin, FL


Walkin’ All Over Me


We’re All To Blame

The Foundation

Ridin’ High

Maybe It’s The Drugs

Rock To Roll

I Could Do In A Pinch

When In Rome

Jesh Yancey

Jesh was raised by an English teacher and a cowboy in Fyffe, Alabama; a town made famous by an alien encounter popularized by Bill Hicks in a stand-up comedy special. After failing out of college, Jesh ran off and joined the Navy. These things formed the impetus for the prolific writer. While learning to play guitar Jesh found that it was easier to just write his own songs than to learn other peoples music and he hasn’t stopped since.

When asked how he got started writing, he shrugs and says “I wasn’t good enough to play other people’s music, so I wrote my own.” This statement is more than a bit misleading – Jesh is a commanding presence onstage – but typical of the songwriter’s rather self-effacing approach.

After a 4-year stint in the Navy Jesh and his wife, Miranda, moved to the Gulf Coast. It was here where Jesh used songwriting as a tool with which to express the events that had transpired and the goings-on of the time. With the tongue-in-cheek wit and point of view of a true folk-singer, Jesh cuts through the bullshit to get at the heart of the matter.

His first and latest EP Look At Us Now is his first foray into a studio environment. Look At Us Now is a concept album of sorts that tells the story of life in the south as seen through Jesh’s eyes.

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